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A person’s name meant a lot to him or her. In fact, it is to him/her, the most sweetest and important sound in any language. Your name is a connection to your identity & individuality. It is the name that helps to recognize you among others. For all of us, our name is the most important word in the world.

But, have you ever thought that your name possesses miraculous power. In fact, your name is one of the important tools that can help to fulfill all your desires in life. Wondering how?

Well, everyone is aware about meditation and its endless benefits. In today’s world, where life is running at a fast pace, meditation has become a need of time. Meditation is a practice to detach yourself for sometime from the outer world while connecting with your inner world. A way to know yourself and your potential. There are several ways of practicing mediation. But, what if your name can help you to connect with yourself?

After doing years of research, the Author has introduced a new way of mediation with your name. A powerful Name Chanting technique that helps you to control your mind and increase your concentration power. While practicing this name chanting meditation technique, you don’t need to invest much effort. The simpler it is to practice, the more effective result it creates.

Let’s see how it works….

We all agree with the fact that everything is energy in this world. Even your name has energy and it possess power. In fact, the meaning of any name do affects the personality of a being. That is why it is said to name wisely. Now, that we get to know that name is energy and every energy possesses power. It depends in what way it is transmitted. For example: During cricket matches, when the audience need to inspire cricketers to give their best shot, they inspire them with shouting their name, like ‘Sachin, Sachin, it’s a sixer, you can do it’, when the person got such a huge positive response from the side of the audience, this inspires him, motivates him and awaken his inner power and he finally gives a sixer shot.

Similarly, if any person has been called as he is a failure, he is unable to do anything, he can’t succeed in life, then he becomes more of that. Because he receives negative energy from people. So, energy can work in both directions.

Now the question is if others can motivate us with our name, can’t we do it for ourselves? Because we can’t be dependent on others all the time to motivate and inspire us. So, better take charge and become the CEO of our own life-name.

For a matter of fact Energy flows inside to out. Every living being is possessing a conscious energy. It is the conscious energy that makes us capable of doing anything. Name is also a form of energy. Every name has a vibration. Why it is said to chant mantras? Because these are very high vibration words and when chanted, it transmits that high vibration (powers) to the person. Instead of chanting mantras to attain power Why don’t you make your name a mantra for yourself. It has high energy and when chanted as a mantra it gives you self realisation in knowing your inner strengths, making you capable to achieve anything in life. For a matter of fact, ancient people seeks utmost importance in choosing a name for their child. Because they know the science behind naming. A child’s name do influence his/her personality. People may name their child Rama or Krishna but no one in this world would name their child as Ravana or Kansa. Because whoever name you give to your child, they will reflect the qualities of the respective person in their own personality.

Name chanting is a powerful meditation technique. It helps to raise your inner strength and power. With practicing this technique, you can increase your focus and concentration exceptionally. When you chant your name repeatedly, it silences your mind. Bringing your awareness at one place. While doing this practice, you divert your attention from the outside world and feels to connect within.

It gives you the power to control your mind. And once, you learn how to control your mind & thoughts then you can focus it in the right direction. The biggest challenge that people are facing today is that they are not able to focus on one thing at a time. Do you know why this is happening? Because people are practicing more of distractions throughout the day. And whatever we practice we become good at it.

For example- while doing any important work on laptop or while eating or speaking with someone, if by chance your phone beeps then you immediately check it. Doesn’t matter whether that message is important to you or not but you will check it instantly. It is where you distract your mind from doing the regular work. If you’re eating, then concentrate your mind on that only. But, because you are often doing this practice now  your mind got distracted easily while doing an important task. You can’t be able to focus your mind on one thing at a time. This is actually an emotional sickness and if not treated earlier, your life will become more and more challenging at every step.

Energy is a finite resource that needs to be wisely managed, wisely allocated and wisely invested. It is very important to focus only and only on important aspects in your life. Don’t waste your energy in thinking, speaking and doing useless stuff that doesn’t serve any purpose to your life. If you want to learn how to focus your energy in right way then Name Chanting is the ultimate way to control your awareness. Once you are aware about your thoughts, you can easily check  whether am I thinking purposeful thoughts or waste thoughts and when you can check your thoughts then next step is to change your thoughts. You can concentrate your mind on thinking right always and eliminate the thoughts which are not important from your mind.

We all know that “Life is a manifestation of where your Energy is flowing”. Because where energy flows, attention goes. Now, it is your choice where you want your attention to flow. To learn the power to focus on positive energy, it is important to control your mind. And there is no better technique to control your mind other than Name Chanting Meditation.

If anytime you feel any sort of distraction in your mind, just sit in silence for 2 minutes. Withdraw your attention from the outside world (work, family, any situation in life) and start affirming your name. Bring all your concentration on affirming your name. For example: if your name is Vikas, start repeating this name while bringing your complete awareness to your name without any distraction. While chanting your name say to yourself that Vikas is the most important person in this world, Vikas is a powerful being. Vikas is a successful person, Vikas is a richest person, Vikas is a business icon, VIkas is a cheerful & happy person, Vikas can do anything, Success is always definite for Vikas …you can add any affirmation after your name depending on the situation you’re dealing.  It helps to slow down your thinking and bringing your attention towards your inner power. It increases your self confidence and reflect a positive personality of yours.

When your mind is focused at one thing then every task you performed will be done with great accuracy and interest. Success will stand by you. Name chanting is a surest way to attain your dreams. It will help to multifold your powers. It is rightly that if you conquer your mind, you can conquer the world. Become the king of your mind and conquer it with Name chanting meditation. Once you learn to control your mind then you will be able to focus all your energy into a single given point. You will be able to manifest your dreams into reality. Bring this name chanting practice into your life throughout the day. Whenever you feel distracted, sit in silence and start affirming your name, within sometime you will experience your power. Make it a part of your life and do miracles in your life with your name. Let your name be written in golden words while attaining immense success in your life with the power of your beautiful name.


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