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Viikass Jolly

Mr. Viikass Jolly is a motivational speaker, spiritual healer, spiritual guide and life coach. He has counseled more than 100000 students and provided consultation to numerous corporate houses in a span of over 20 years. Several CEO’s, management personnel, people from diverse walks of life have taken his consultation and coaching services for attaining their desired targets. He travels extensively across the world to deliver talks on harnessing the power of mind and resolve inner conflicts that hinder us from manifesting desired life. His forte is designing a complete program suited for individuals as well as groups which includes mind programming and related techniques.
His vision is for every person to have a positive self-belief and do a greater good to the community. He helps people unlock and sustain their creative potential and help them be more confident in manifesting their positive ideas. He also hosts an educational radio show on the verses of Gurbani.

Mr. Viikass Jolly awarded as a “Dynamic Leader of the year” from Global Triumph Foundation (Bangkok)

Mr. Viikass Jolly from a very early age was deeply interested in understanding consciousness and powers of human mind. He explored these subjects with several masters and experts. Subsequently he developed his own approach and understanding by years of practice. After graduation he did post graduate degree in religious studies and subsequently devoted his life to the mission of creating awareness on this subject for creating a better human society.

Dr jasbir Singh Arora

Dr. Jasbir Arora has expertise in Transforming an Ordinary Person to an Extra Ordinary Achiever. Starting his life from a very modest family, having early education in Govt middle school as an ordinary student and rose to a CEO of 3 Private/ Public Companies in Punjab, Rajasthan & Maharstra, Fastest achiever as International Millionaire Team Trainer with Herbalife, USA & TIENS, China. Strategic Corporate Planner & Trainer of RCM Business, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, Kapoor Designers, Surat ,Gujarat. A person with powerful positive attitude to find opportunities out of adversities, he developed strength to challenge the challenges. With academic & professional qualification in Commerce, Economics, Law, Banking, & Alternative Medicines, he has conducted over 500 Seminars & Training Sessions Pan-India on Indian and International Platforms on Motivation, Wellness & Dream Team Building. Since charity begins from home, he polished skills of both of his sons right from childhood to transform them to a high profile Non Resident Indians embedded with virtues of positive thinking & human values. Now, his mission is to transfer his vast knowledge & experience to next generation childern & youth who will play key role in nation building in 2030 & 2040.

MS Aastha Bhardwaj

MS Aastha Bhardwaj is a dynamic and energetic educationist, academician, parenting coach and story teller working as a principal in mount litera zee school, awarded as Asia’s no 1 chain of schools.The 14 years of result oriented togetherness in education with
Core mission of hers is to unlock the unique infinite potential within each child. Her journey has been a great learning experience working as a pgt English, then the vice principal and then a principal and now she is associated with many reputed educational training and guidance organizations. Her content in the field of education is a treasure trove of information on child development without stress. She lets all her creative juices flow when she plans the content pedagogy and assessments for children as she focuses on making learning a fun. In order to fulfil her mission of WRFC she has been trying to envision the skill sets needed for every child who emerge from the portals of different platforms. Being an educationist her focus has been to develop students as global citizens with tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions for a lifetime learning experience. They should be self- motivated, independent, confident decision makers to take-up leadership roles in future. In her seminars in various cbse schools, along with learning strategies she focuses on team skills, improving life, attaining goals and growing the happiness ratio of life . She has worked with swami Vivekananda group of schools in yamunanagar as pgt English, head Coordinator and then vice principal trying to incorporate the best international pedagogies and provide a schooling experience that helps each child reach the true self. Adding to the journey in mount litera zee school mathura as a principal at the core of everything she is leaving no stone unturned to unfurl WRFC what’s right for the child. MS Aastha Bhardwaj says that WRFC is the mantra through which education strategies should be filtered for all decisions and actions. Being an academician, she has been trying continuously to keep the child at the centre of everything that is done and ensure single minded devotion to his/her growth and development. MS Bhardwaj believes that excellence is driven by values, success is strengthened by ethics and modernity is fortified by tradition. She believes that doing things the way you see them and following your own heart and soul is pure artistic integrity. Ms. Bhardwaj has also undertaken American institute of English language as branch director building expertise in students, teachers and Principals regarding English communication. Through out the education career MS Aastha Bhardwaj has been sailing continuously to accredit leadership challenges and foster team building, innovation, project management and critical thinking. Ms. Aastha is devoted and committed to bring reform in education field with innovations.She has conducted various academic workshops for training students, teachers and professionals. She is progressing ahead to embed global themes in curriculum to practice new skills in structured manner and counter the challenges that schools across the world are grappling with.

* Best Principal certified and awarded for outstanding services by mount litera zee school.
* Best Trainer award for English communication by zee learn team in mount litera zee school.
* Accredited for yielding the best academic results due to innovative learning strategy implementations.
* Best Team Leader awarded in Kmps for leading and coordinating the big team of teachers and students.
* Awarded as best innovative educator by Rocksport
* Best principal award by NOF(national Olympiad foundation)
* Awarded for best educational practices in mainstreaming health and physical education by ansal university gurgaon.
* Awarded with international school award under her patronage by British council (ISA)
* Awarded by saya cable network for noble initiatives in education for slum area children.

She has attended various national summits by renowed organizations. Along with those MS Aastha Bhardwaj is a cbse trained professional with enthusiasm and has attended various cbse workshops such as “emerging trends in education “, induction programme for school principals, effective assessment techniques and practices, capacity building of teachers, activity based learning and classroom management,,,many more.

Seminars and guest lectures
*Delivered Guest lectures for Curriculum Development & other extended services.
*Delivered guest lectures for Soft Skills & Personality Development.
*Delivered Guest lectures for Students career councelling & guidance sessions.
*Delivered Guest lectures for Teachers training sessions for teaching pedagogy

“I Believe in learning every new chapter with pages of success signifying new experiences written with the ink of hard work and intelligence.”
Aastha Bhardwaj

Kulwinder Singh

Mr. Kulwinder Singh is a Media coordinator helps to connect a brand to their consumers, customers, or fans through a variety of digital outlets. coordinates translate a brand’s message by consistently expressing idea in a variety of ways through the sociosphere.
An energetic, creative and exciting individual who is very good at planning and executing social media campaigns that require a high degree of attention to detail. He has extensive experience of driving online customer engagement through platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. On a personal level he is an avid social media user himself, who is desperate to develop and learn more in an inspiring workplace environment. He is a real self-starter who can support a Social Media Manager with the development of asocial media strategy that will support the objectives of a company’s business plan. He worked as a coordinator, producer, director with the UK based TV Channel name Channel Punjab U.K. ltd. He Presently working with Virasat Films pvt ltd (Chandigarh) as a Technical Officer- Film Promotional Acquisition. He also working on a Gurmat sangeet Project Named Sabad Naad with Baba Sucha singh Gurmat Sangeet Acadamy Jandiala & Asli Music pvt ltd Mumbai.